The soil drainage, waterproofing and reinforcement specialist 

Nearly 30 years’ expertise in soil

The core business of AFITEXINOV, member of the AFITEX Group, lies in soil drainage, waterproofing and reinforcement, to the point that they now stand as a market leader in geosynthetics.

By designing, manufacturing and selling these products, the group meets the needs of construction, public works, environmental and mining industry markets.





AFITEX operates
around the world

The AFITEX Group has expanded internationally, thereby maintaining a presence in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and North America. Building on its experience and expertise, the group relies on three major strengths: quality of service, production control and ongoing innovation.








 Leader on a demanding market

For nearly 30 years, AFITEXINOV has earned the trust of its customers and partners through its technical expertise, proven know-how, international development and responsiveness to meet the needs of building trades. Drainage and reinforcement geosynthetic brands are internationally recognised and inspire confidence: SOMTUBE®, DRAINTUBE®, NOTEX®, GEOTER®, SOMDRAIN® and ALVÉODRAIN®,



Experience and control
Proven know-how

Building on the experience gained from installing millions of square metres of geocomposites throughout the world since 1992, AFITEXINOV’s employees are able to respond to the specific issues faced by their clients: earthworks and sanitation companies, consulting firms, project managers, geomembrane installation companies, landfill operators, mine operators, etc.

A responsive sales team covers the entire French territory as well as various international regions to effectively address client needs.




Engineering to support
your projects

Upstream of production, the Research and Development department and its laboratory optimise existing products and design new ones to respond to the needs of industry professionals. Innovation and the search for consistent quality of geosynthetics are constant priorities for AFITEXINOV.

Technical software has been developed by AFITEXINOV to structure and optimise the solutions offered to project managers and businesses. Every year, sizeable investments are made to obtain certificates and technical approvals within the scope of the group.



Quality to match
your technical constraints

The principal objective of AFITEXINOV’s quality management system is to provide products and services that meet market needs and regulatory requirements, while improving customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the system.

The scope of the Quality management system covers all services: design, production and sale of geosynthetics in the public works, construction, environment, hydraulic structure and mining sectors.






The AFITEX Group